Natural wooden bird chew toy


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Allow your pet to exercise, play and chew easily in the cage.
With corn cob,  and other colorful accessories, this bird toy can easily attract birds to play. Not only is it suitable for pets to play and eat alone, but it can also be used as a cage decoration.
Made of natural wood and straw, the bird toy is eco-friendly, wear-resistant and durable. It has no pungent chemical smell and keeps pets healthy and safe.
Suitable for cockatiels, macaws, parakeets and other small medium parrots.

Item Name: Parrot Toy
Material: wood, straw
Features: Eco-Friendly, Bite-Resistant, Colorful
Size Details:
A: Width: 6cm/2.4″, Length: 23cm/9.1″ (Approx.)
B: Width: 10cm/3.9″, Length: 25cm/9.8″ (Approx.)
C: Width: 10cm/3.9″, Length: 25cm/9.8″ (Approx.)


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