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The   rope toy gives your dog the fun of fetching, fetching and pulling the rope for a guaranteed long-lasting chewing experience.

This toy from the famous American brand KONG has long, thick and fun rope tails that facilitate tugging and help to shake the toy to send it flying, making play thrilling.

This toy is versatile and interactive in toss and fetch. It is perfect both indoors and outdoors.

KONG rope dog toy
With long, knotted cords woven in a way to provide an outlet for the dog’s natural chewing instincts
The rope also cleans teeth and gums like dental floss
Ideal for the dog that likes to chew
Toy with long, squishy tails great for wagging and tugging
Its grip is easy, launches and catches up easily
Designed for long distance casting
The +: toy with squeaker to encourage your dog to play even longer
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play
Colors according to arrival


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