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The ideal body temperature of the dog is between 38 and 39°C

Including a thermal sheet located inside the cover, the blanket reflects body heat to ensure:

a constant spread.
protection against the cold of the ground.
relief from muscle and joint pain.
maintaining body temperature.
Available in several sizes, the  thermal blanket from  will ensure great comfort for your pet as well as perfect hygiene via a machine washable cover.
thermal dog blanket
Polyester with lamb fur look
Features a thermal layer that reflects body heat
Features polyester fiber fill
Works without electricity
Ideally maintains body temperature
Perfect stability thanks to a non-slip bottom
Softness and insulation
Recommended for older animals, handicapped animals and for puppies
Compliant with animal protection according to § 18 (AT)
Machine washable at 30°C
2 sizes available
Grey color


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