Toy stick Stick


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The moments of play are essential in the life of a dog. They help to fight against boredom and stress while contributing to its awakening and fulfillment.

This dog toy is durable, fun, floats and cleans your dog’s teeth!

The dog toy, made of thermoplastic rubber, will become your most faithful ally over time to spend long moments of play between you and your dog!

Yellow Sporting Stick for Dogs
The toy is durable
IDEAL for playing in the water thanks to their buoyancy
Promotes good dental hygiene for your dog (elimination of tartar preserving teeth and gums) thanks to the relief and the multiple studs with which the toy is lined
Promotes interaction between master and dog
Satisfies the need to bite
Washable for perfect hygiene
Easy to find thanks to its fluorescent color
Yellow color
Available in different models


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